After my period my vagina gets really dry & itchy. Is there any non-prescription medicines to help with this?


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I’m 18 and I don’t want to talk to my doctor because every time I tell him something he thinks I have an STD and he tests me and I’m always negative. I know that being itchy after having a period is normal, but i don’t know what I can do to help it. Any suggestions?


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2 Responses to After my period my vagina gets really dry & itchy. Is there any non-prescription medicines to help with this?

  1. Gracinda says:

    Take a bath with moisturizing bubble soap

  2. Paul B. says:

    Sorry to be so abrupt, Gracinda, but that is just about the *worst possible* advice I could imagine for this problem.

    Soap, and particularly dish-washing detergent – marketed under the euphemism "bubble bath" – a product whose common advertising touts its ability to "penetrate" and "cut grease", is the very thing you wish to keep *out* of your vulva – and I am presuming that you actually mean your vulva – the space just inside you lips – as you have minimal sensation inside the vagina proper.

    If you are presently using soap to wash inside your vulva, please do not do so. Beyond that, it is better to shower than bath, as in a bath the water does tend to get soapy, it *will* tend to get into your vulva, and you then have no ready way to rinse it out. In a shower, you can rinse it out with plain water and if you have a shower with a hand held spray, that is all you ever need to clean your vulva completely effectively (and it can feel good too!).

    In the same vein, "medicines" are rarely a good idea and should be avoided. You should *never* use any of the products advertised as "personal deodorants" or similar. If however, following the above advice does not fully resolve the matter, then perhaps you could try pure, unscented Zinc and Castor Oil cream – sold as "nappy cream" or "diaper cream", again resisting the lure of extra ingredients more likely to cause, than to help matters.

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