Im not able to get wet anymore, my vagina is dry.


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I cant get wet, after pregnancy im not able to get wet anymore my husband says my vagina is dry. what can i do to be normal ag


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10 Responses to Im not able to get wet anymore, my vagina is dry.

  1. dat_gurl01 says:

    use ky jelly it will help lubricate the area.

  2. 1 Hott Mami says:

    give this stuff a shot i hear it works wonders and shipping is dirt cheap. good luck.


  3. GP says:

    There are lots of vaginal gels/lubricants, just check them out.

  4. Just me says:

    Astro glide

  5. Maw730 says:

    Actually this is very normal…especially if your breastfreeding. After a while your normal lubrication will return to like it was before baby, just be patient. Use a gentle lubricant like KY Jelly and have fun

  6. acehernandez2006 says:

    Use lubrication like KY jelly. Some women are more dry than usual and some are more wet so to help with that, get the lubricant.

  7. Julie J says:

    Use a water based lubricant. Whether or not you are breast feeding may have something to do with it. Give it a couple more months to when your cycle normalizes and you will be lubed up again. I promise!

    Unless of course it is a psychological thing where you are fearing becoming pregnant again subconsciously. My friends husband had difficult time getting turned on because he saw the vagina as a life-giving instrument instead of a sexual pleasure field. Consider all of these things for a while and if it still doesn’t improve, go see your doc! Good luck!

  8. SweetieGirl2007 says:

    get some ky jelly lubricant.

  9. mrs.izabel says:

    How old is your baby now? ARe you breastfeeding? IF you are breastfeeding, this is normal. Unfortunately, the hormone that stimulates milk production makes you dry down there too. But don’t let this be a reason to stop breastfeeding though, if you are.

    You can use KY jelly for now. Rest assured, that things will go back to normal again!

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