Am I getting uninary tract infections because I leave lubricant inside my vagina?


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Why are these uti’s happening so often and I’m getting infected it hurts so much any treatments or prevention methods anyone knows of? And is it the lube that can trap bacteria does it need to be washed out every time or what do I do?


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4 Responses to Am I getting uninary tract infections because I leave lubricant inside my vagina?

  1. peanut says:

    This goes for both of you. Wash hands and genitals before and after sex. If he has rotten teeth, no oral sex. Cleanliness has everything to do with getting UTI’s.

  2. Morgan says:

    UTI’s can happen because of many reasons.
    one very common reason in woman is because they wipe the wrong way when using the bathroom. women should wipe front to back and not back to front. when you wipe back to front you spread all of your fecal material into your vagina which is not there that bacteria needs to end up.

    also some women are just prone to having uti’s.

    the symptoms of a UTI are:
    dysuria (painful urination)
    hematuria (blood in the urine)
    lower back pain
    the urge to urinate

  3. That Twinky Sensation says:

    Do you think that maybe your having an allergic reaction to the lube? That could be the case so try switching to a different lube or not using lubes at all. If your using condoms-it could be a latex allergy and you might have to switch to latex free or lamb skin.

    You should always clean up after doing the dirty-peeing right after and then using feminine wipes help to clear the area out.

    If it is UTI’s the most common thing to do to prevent it from reoccurring is to drink a lot of pure cranberry juice or take cranberry pills and/or drinking alot of green tea.

  4. LINDSEY S says:

    Lube inside your vagina wouldn’t cause a UTI, if it was inside your urethra then it could cause a UTI. The lube can be seen as bad bacteria to the urethra and it can cause infections if it gets up there. It may not only be the lube that is causing the UTIs.
    Try to pee and or clean down there after you have sex and wipe from front to back, those are a few ways of preventing one.
    Treatment can be getting some antibiotics from your doctor if it’s a bad one, also you can drink cranberry juice regularly to wash it out.

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