Do guys like dry vaginas?


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My girl has a really dry VAG, but i like it. do other guys?


  • does a dry pussy feel good?
  • does a dryer vagina feel tighter to the guy
  • what does a dry vagina feel like to a man
  • what does it feel like to fuck a dry pussy
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7 Responses to Do guys like dry vaginas?

  1. Zippey says:

    No. What’s the good of a dry vag?

  2. me says:

    u cant slip ur wee-wee into a dry vag

  3. lolly says:

    There are more issues than you ‘liking it’. If she doesn’t have enough natural lubrication, when you have sex you will cause a lot of irritation to the vaginal walls and opening. You need to use some lube so the friction doesn’t cause her pain, this is a health issue.

  4. wiccan_butterfly_fairy says:

    I never heard of a guy liking a dry Vag, I would imagine this hurts her or something.

  5. Lily says:

    That means you don’t pleasure her, so it doesn’t become wet.

  6. Teenie Theenie says:

    Well, I can see why a guy might like it, it would be a lot tighter that way, thus making it feel a lot better for a guy in some ways, but in truth its not good for either party. The natural lubrication produced in the vagina serves not only to protect the vagina from irritation and tears but it also serves as a light spermicide (Not that this will prevent pregnancy, but it does help to flush the sperm out after a couple days in order to prevent pelvic inflammation). The other issue is attraction, if this isn’t an actual problem that she has discussed with her doctor, it may just be that she’s not that into it and that’s not good for either party psychologically either.

  7. pinkcookie202 says:

    haha dont really know. but it must really hurt the girl badly.

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