Does dehydration causes dry vagina?


Best answer for your question:

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One of the biggest problems, vaginal dryness, is a common yet uncomfortable problem. One of the vital hormones for vagina health ensures the elasticity of your vaginal tissues, the production of natural lubricants and protection against infection. When your hormone levels decline,the vaginal lining becomes thinner and your ability to produce lubrication becomes less efficient. All these can contribute to the pain and discomfort you experience.

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12 Responses to Does dehydration causes dry vagina?

  1. spazoto21 says:

    i think so..but you can ask your doctor..

  2. casapulla says:

    No. But geeky men do… like you.

  3. Anthony F says:

    if you are a woman you should know, if you are not, what does it matter?

  4. brandit2001uk says:

    you know what…that is one of the best quetions on here for a long time… i have no idea in fact i am fasinated. when you find out could youm please email me

  5. sid says:

    nope.but…d bleeding amount decreases….

  6. Scott E says:

    thats a great question
    i would think it would help to be hydrated

  7. general_jimbo says:

    Not sure about the dry vagina but it will make your feces really hard and uncomfortable to pass. Drink more water.

  8. Luis F says:


    lmao. how random. yeah, dehydration and other things.

  9. kadkadkad says:

    No it does not. It is a chemical imbalance. Most likely hormonal. I think a call to your OB-Gyn would be your best bet. Some, not all, of the answers you get from this site are just guesses. Better to be sure than ask us amatuers. Only because it could be something much more serious than any of us could know. Good luck, and I’m sure it is probably nothing big but a quick call can sometimes rectify your concerns!!!!!!! Hope it’s nothing than just that-dry vagina, there are plenty of over the counter meds to help you with the discomfort.

  10. Carissa S says:

    Ask serious questions please…some people really don’t know some of this info. Stop acting like a dickhead please.

  11. billy the tim says:

    No. But poor foreplay does.

  12. 35am07 says:

    I hope this question is a serious one. Love how answers are from mostly men.

    You vagina is a mucous membrane just like your eyes, nose, mouth, etc.

    Anytime you are dehydrated it will affect your mucous membranes. Hydration is key to keeping everything moist.

    However, hormones can affect vaginal moisture as well.

    Hope that helps. ??!!

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