Dried brown stuff out of my Vagina and smells?


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Hi, I have this dried brown stuff coming out of my vagina and it sure does smell. Its like dried up on my undies and I really don’t know what it is. It comes and goes, but one time red blood came out too, but that went away and the brown dried stuff came out again. HELP ME PLEASEE?


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  • what is the brown stuff in your vagina after a d&c
  • when i wipe my vagina i see brown stuff
  • whip vaginaand cakey brown stuff was on it
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5 Responses to Dried brown stuff out of my Vagina and smells?

  1. ♥ $ says:

    Um, EW.

    It’s from your period.

  2. Boston says:

    yeah, it sounds like your starting your period. duh. haha

    how old are you?


  3. *cbaby* says:

    might be old blood if you were recently on your period

  4. rayderjoe says:


  5. alondraarellano says:

    i get that tooo but its better to see a doctor , when i get it i clean it with paper and shower , but if ur too concern go see a doctor

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