dry, itchy, swollen, sore vagina?


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I have a doctors appointment in 2 days and cannot get one sooner. I really need some relief from it!
I dont have any unusual discharge. I haven’t had sex for about 2 months.
Does anyone know what it could be?
I know it could be thrush, but what else could it be?


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7 Responses to dry, itchy, swollen, sore vagina?

  1. Osama Bin Laden says:

    Forget Midol.. Lysol does it all!

  2. Jacy Nelson says:

    yeast infection…or maybe a std from the last person u had sex with

  3. aussie wife mum says:

    you need an antifungal cream asap,, try caneston,,, bath a few times a day or shower it well, youll start to improve before the 2 days are up,, use that cream a few times a day or how often it says, you really need it

  4. laura Newlands says:

    Thrush obv is the main contender here, so u could try some thrush cream while ur waiting for the docs, if it even relieves it a wee bit then its better than nothing!

    Have u used a new fabric softner or soap powder? as it could be an allergy, your lady areas are far more sensitive to changes than other normal areas!

    Also might be a friction burn? Doesn’t sound nice but it could be something that simple.

    Skin condition like excema or something similar, dont know how often that appears in that region however if u have asthma ur more likely to end up with excema too. Sorry i know its spelt wrong haha x

  5. TR says:

    I had the same symptoms after giving birth – my doc said it was caused by low estrogen – not saying this is what you have but just showing that there are other causes and not just thrush. I found luke warm baths with a few drops of tea tree oil or a handful of normal kitchen salt helped sooth the itchiness.

    Make sure you wear cotton underwear to prevent getting too hot and if you have changed your washing detergent or body wash recently I would suggest going back to your previous brand. Don’t put any creams or anything on your skin as it could irritate it further – wait for that doc’s appointment – not long to go, hang in there!

    Good luck :)

  6. Emily Miller says:

    It sounds like you have a yeast infection. I wouldn’t do anything before you see your doctor because they may run some tests??? But I would just waite the 2 more days and go to your appoitment!

    Good luck and hope you feel better! :)

  7. tim g says:

    foot fungus? don’t wash your clothes with the bathroom rug.

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