Dry peeling skin around vagina?


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Just finished my period woke up this morning the skin around is dry scaly and peeling. It doesnt really hirt just uncomfortable. It happened once before and irritated me for a week. What is this
the skin is deep dark red around it also and hot like the skin has fever. is this an allergy


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2 Responses to Dry peeling skin around vagina?

  1. Holly says:

    do you use pads? when I used to wear pads that happend to me, from the chafing. If you don’t use pads or you don’t think this is what it is I’d wait and see if it gets worse or starts to hurt more. If it happens continually you might be able to get some help from your doctor.

  2. Allie says:

    I would say that your probably not washing all the soap off down there when you take a shower. Sometimes, left over soap can dry on areas like that and cause peeling and dryness. It’s nothing to worry about. Next time you have a shower, make sure to wash ALL the soap off really good in that area. If you want to, you can put on some lotion if it starts to bother you. But its better just to wash all the excess soap that’s still on your vagina. Hope this helps!

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