dry skin around vagina?


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I’ve noticed over the past few months that around my vagina i have really dry skin, not actually on the vagina but sort of just around it and its especially bad when i’ve just come out of the shower. and sometimes theres even a small patch of crusty yellow stuff:S anyone know that this could be?
okay errm
not an std
i just turned 14 3 weeks ago…and i’ve never had sex


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7 Responses to dry skin around vagina?

  1. tarmanarmos says:

    try vaginal creams available at your local Pharmacy.

  2. yellowcookiemonster says:

    I’d consult a physician.. could be an STD or fungus, needing antibiotics to control or get rid of.

  3. strawberry says:

    thanks for sharing this..
    well why don’t you try some cream?

  4. cool cat says:

    have you been sexually active???? i think it may be a sexually transmitted disease. go and see a doctor….

  5. GeriLynn says:

    The soap you’re using on your body may be too harsh for that area down there. Try using Dove Sensitive Skin Bar Soap, just for the area down there.

    It may just be dry skin, but I would definatly see a doctor just to make sure it isnt anything serious.

  6. ♥Love♥ says:

    Your pH could be off, probably from using regular soap down there. Get summers eve vaginal wash and try some Creamy vaseline, it’s not sticky, in the baby isle. I use it after I shave it soothes the skin.

  7. Tiara says:

    Sounds like a problem that should be checked out by your doctor. You can buy a testing kit at your local drug store to test for infections. And this sounds more like a STD. You really should get this checked out. But in the mean time you can buy some aloe and apply directly to the areas that are sensitive.

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