Dry,Peeling & itching around vagina?


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This started about a few weeks ago but now it looks a little worst.its white around && dryness starts too peel.,it basically looks like i have a rash down there.plus it itches time to time there’s bumps & redness in some spots…I never had sex & I gotten checked for a yeast infection around December.Btw I have No odd color discharge..is there a cream for dry skin..ONLY for the vagina..I’m trying to avoid going to the doc. This week bc of testing at skool but I need help NOW…
Thanksss for all answers.!

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  1. Unknown says:

    I think you should head to the doctor :( not sure what can help over the counter and not sure what it could be.

  2. i do not know what is wrong im ready to just go to the er. my vagina on my lips and bikinni line are itchy non stop and is white and dry i scratched so hard i scratched a small sore where some skin came off and was bleeding now its leaking yellow pus i also have a rash on my bikinni line with detail on the outline as if its really irritated.also my buttcheeks just started itching really bad now i have rashes back there thats now spreading to my hips and back. the only time im not itchy all in these areas is if im in a deep sleep otherwise its hard to even get sleep the problem is so badd!! so what could it be bug bites? std? allergic reaction? fungus? please somebody help me???

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