For the women out there..what is the best thing to use for vaginal dryness?


Best answer for your question:

HerSolution Female Inhancement Gel helps to improve vaginal dryness and elasticity solving your Vaginal Dryness Problems!

One of the biggest problems, vaginal dryness, is a common yet uncomfortable problem. One of the vital hormones for vagina health ensures the elasticity of your vaginal tissues, the production of natural lubricants and protection against infection. When your hormone levels decline,the vaginal lining becomes thinner and your ability to produce lubrication becomes less efficient. All these can contribute to the pain and discomfort you experience.

Now I'm sure you'll agree... it's good to finally know exactly WHY you're suffering.

But a fast, safe, effective solution would be even better, right?

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  • best thing to use for vaginal dryness
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13 Responses to For the women out there..what is the best thing to use for vaginal dryness?

  1. jeep_man129 says:


  2. leigh says:


  3. ted a says:

    Multi-Gyn gel…

    how do pantyliners help vaginal dryness? by keeping the moisture in?

  4. diturtlelady2004 says:

    K-Y is the best. It has been used for ever. They have different types like very hydrating and even warming so it makes application comfortable. It is what the doctors use when doing exams.

  5. bunny says:

    KY warming liquid. It’s wonderful

  6. pgenius3 says:

    K-Y, even though I don’t use stuf like that…I’m too young.

  7. violuniaaa says:

    your husbands saliva!!

  8. suzan a says:

    estrogen creams

  9. sweetbabyskyy says:

    well you can use that monistat powder
    it helps with dryness,chaffing,irritations and more.
    try that it helps a whole lot and your problem will be gone in a matter of days……
    if not days then maybe a couple of weeks
    but when it does start to work believe me u wont regret in using it

  10. punky says:

    I would use hand lotion. If it is good enough for your hands then it is good enough for your vagina.

  11. Melia says:

    If K-Y doesn’t work try astro-glide.

  12. mr kisser says:


  13. patricia b says:

    K Y jel every time

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