Help! Dry cracked skin on outside of vagina lips!? :( 10pts best answer please!?


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*Sorry this is a little gross* So I am 17 never had sex well I am suppose to have my period next week, well yesterday my outside vagina lips were beginning to become like dry or something so I put a pad on then put some baby ointment on them, because I had this happen before from swimming in a pool with too much chlorine..

Well this time I am not too sure what caused it… This morning I woke up went to the bathroom and my outer vagina lips are really really cracked and the skin is peeling really bad! It doesnt hurt much unless I peel the skin…. Anyone know what I can do about this? I put more baby ointment on and it seemed to help a bit… But what could have caused this? Help please? 10 pts best answer sorry this is gross… : ( Thank you in advance
And no I dont shave… This happened last time right before I got my period too… But I thought it was from too much chlorine in the pool.. Idk though… : / help


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2 Responses to Help! Dry cracked skin on outside of vagina lips!? :( 10pts best answer please!?

  1. Millie says:

    It could be a Vagina Infection. If you cannot go to the gynecologist do this, Buy yourself a women Vagina cream use for 3 days or 7 days whichever you buy. Do not wear pad and wear cottong panties. It could be that you are allergic to the fabric of the panties or detergent. Is best to go to the gyn since he can help. Baby ointment might not help you the vagina ones would help you best. there is a pill call AZO I belief it helps in avoiding vagina infection.

  2. LMST says:

    do you shave?

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