how can you cure vaginal dryness and chaffing?


Best answer for your question:

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One of the biggest problems, vaginal dryness, is a common yet uncomfortable problem. One of the vital hormones for vagina health ensures the elasticity of your vaginal tissues, the production of natural lubricants and protection against infection. When your hormone levels decline,the vaginal lining becomes thinner and your ability to produce lubrication becomes less efficient. All these can contribute to the pain and discomfort you experience.

Now I'm sure you'll agree... it's good to finally know exactly WHY you're suffering.

But a fast, safe, effective solution would be even better, right?

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20 Responses to how can you cure vaginal dryness and chaffing?

  1. Derwood H. Stevens says:


    MAPLE SYRUP!!!!!!

  2. Bolder says:

    A partner that makes you…"hungry"

  3. Genivieve G says:

    if your older your starting the pre menopause deal. Consult your gyno. There are also lubricates available in the womens section of the grocery store.

  4. SirenSings says:

    There are lubricants you can get from your doctor!! im not sure what you mean by chaffing, do you mean in your vagina or else where?

  5. chaser_downer says:

    Talk to you doctor, that’s the best idea. They will know exactly what to do.

  6. poetchicka2 says:

    I recommend cutting down on douches and tampons. These objects cause dryness and itching…Also if your having sex use lubricant..Sometimes our vagina needs some help..

  7. Daniel H says:

    There are vaginal lubricants on the market (over the counter) for this problem.For topical or surface use body lotions.This can be do to hormone changes.

  8. Banana says:

    [Ignore the above morons that mentioned licking and maple syrup]

    They have whipes that can create a similar effect to vaginal secretion.

    I believe that there is a spray too but I dont think its as effective.

    If the problem is really bothering you, a small drop of KY Warming Liquid will keep you from being dry round the clock.

    Also, for the chaffing, just dont wear underwear.

  9. Anonymouse says:

    Insert a vitamin E capsule vaginally. These are the same type that you would buy at any drug store and take orally. The capsule will dissolve.
    *Do this at bedtime nightly.

  10. arnorob69 says:

    go meet a guy who makes you wet.

  11. cdplayer says:

    try avlimil you can get it at gnc worked 4 my wife

  12. Don S says:

    I’m a straight male but from what I’ve read and heard, the age has something to do with it. Or something is wrong with your vaginal gland that produce lubricant during intercourse. Better yet see a doctor.

  13. nick knead says:

    Moist tender little kisses. Or you can use a product for dry mouth or xerostomia called biotene. There are many others, check the pharmacy.

  14. little_t602000 says:

    use k-y jelly or tell the old man to use more tongue

  15. cassiekennedy2001 says:

    for both of them put on some type of cream for that i dont know what is called go to the chemist and ask them for the best one for it and i got told to dry the area when you gat out of the shower if you went talk about it email me on

  16. Gim says:

    Make sure you don’t have an infection or fungus. You may also need hormones. In fact, the best option is to talk to your doctor before your condition gets worse. It may be something simple, but you never know.

  17. angel_15 feliciano says:

    by applying k y jelly or creams.

  18. nsearchofstars says:


  19. carolinaKres says:

    For products to solve the current issue, try using these things that can found at any local pharmacy (or check out on )first. No one likes pain and you should always take care of your health no matter what.

    Try the following:
    Carlesta Pre-Moistened Hemorrhoidal/Vaginal Pads
    CVS Miconazole Nitrate Vaginal Cream 2% Disposable Applicators
    TUCKS Pads
    Soothing Care Chafing Relief Powder-Gel
    Ca-Rezz Cream Antimicrobial

    Hope this helped you and good luck!

    This is just health info below. I dont know your condition personally but books do say that…
    "Women who have diabetes or multiple sclerosis or who are transitioning through menopause all seem to have a higher prevalence of arousal problems than other women. Female sexual arousal disorders are frustrating conditions, but with a good sexual medicine expert and some patience, women are often able to reach a satisfying resolution to the problem" by doing some of the following at home:
    oIncreasing the level of intimacy and sexual arousal
    with your partner prior to penetration (plentiful foreplay).
    oGood communication.
    oLiberal use of vaginal lubricants.
    oExperimenting with different positions for intercourse
    to find the most comfortable ones.
    oMasturbation, possibly with the aid of a vibrator
    and/or with your partner.
    oExercises to develop muscular control of contraction
    and relaxation of the pelvic muscles.
    oEnjoying sensual massage and other pleasurable
    physical activities without sexual intercourse.
    oDecreasing inhibition with fantasizing, distractions,
    listening to music, or using erotic videos or books.
    oTaking a warm bath and reducing anxieties before
    sexual activity.

  20. prince c says:

    just imagine sex scenes…in that way…it really makes you wet

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