how do i keep my vagina dry ?


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i’m not sexually active , i wash regularly and wear cotton panties but my vagina stays really wet even when i wipe it off , the liquid comes again in a few minutes and even seeps through my trousers … the discharge is colorless or white with a slight odor and i’ve read that its normal but the fluid really irritates me … please tell me some home remedy to keep it dry !

thanks !
i have tried using pantyliners as well , but the wetness still bugs me !


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10 Responses to how do i keep my vagina dry ?

  1. Nicholas Collier says:

    blow dryer

  2. BBDOLL says:

    There isnt really a solution, I suggest panty liners.

  3. Jefferson says:

    toss some yougurt (active culture) in there.

  4. Cathy says:

    Same with me too!!

  5. Sean says:

    not being a creep here. masturbating and the orgasming will dry you up for the majority of the day after that! i know this from my girlfriend of 3 years haha

  6. Maddy says:

    you don’t want that to go away.. thats you’re bodies natural way of cleaning.. one day when you are sexually active your not gonna want a dry vagina…

  7. Jessy says:

    panty liners

  8. darla says:

    Wear pantyliners. That’s what they are made for. The moisture in your vagina is keeping it healthy and clean, just like tears or a runny nose. A completely DRY vagina is a breeding ground for germs.

  9. Myranda says:

    Try the blow dryer, works great

  10. Rachel says:

    Sara, are you really a 14 yr old boy? I looked at your profile and saw that within an hour you asked three questions. In one you claim to be a virgin who wants to be sure your hymen is intact because you are saving yourself for marriage. In another you claim to be pregnant and three months away from delivering your first baby and want to know whether or not the nurses will wax your vagina. Now you claim to not be sexually active but you’re having vaginal leakage! I get the impression that you are a teenage boy who has never seen a real vagina and you get a kick out of pretending to be a girl and talking about vaginas with people who actually have them.

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