how do you put a tampon in if your vagina is dry ?


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im 13 and just wondering , how can you just put it up there , would it not be hard unless you wet your vagina by licking your fingers and putting it on it , then it would be easier to slide up ? but reading all this tampon questions , nobody mentions it , and i know for sure i cant stick anything up there without wetting it , so how could you put a tampon in with a dry vagina :/


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  • how to put a tampon in when it feels dry
  • lubricant for tampon install
  • my tampon burns when im putting it in
  • too dry to put in tampon
  • what to do after you take a tampon out when its dry
  • wjwere to i stick my tampon
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6 Responses to how do you put a tampon in if your vagina is dry ?

  1. Justin freaking Bieber says:

    tampons are made too keep the blood from leaking there for wen ur on ur period hun

  2. lindylou says:

    You can take the applicator and wet it from the sink, if not at home. A little petroleum jelly will help too. (Vaseline)

  3. Elizabeth Herrera says:

    before putting it in i always lubricate it. think with ur mouth lol

  4. Rach says:

    If you put a tiny bit of vaseline on it then its much easier, also you can use lubricants or saliva. If your period isn’t heavy it can be hard sometimes. I had to use vaseline for the first few periods :)

  5. Shebanti Y says:

    Err —you stick in like anything you stick up there , if you are worried about being dry you can alsways put straight after a shower or bath when you are hopefully wet, if not try some lubricant!

  6. ANON says:

    well your not meant to use a tampon unless you are on your period.
    and period blood makes the vagina moist.
    if you still have trouble lubrication is usually needed.
    KY Jelly is usually used. or another non flavoured brand. (id ask a parent or relative to get this for you)

    as you are only young maybe you could use pads?
    or make sure you have the smallest tampons you can find.

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