if you have vaginal dryness can you still become pregnant?


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Vaginal dryness the condition, not just being dry. I read that you check the elasticity of your vaginal fluids to know when you’re ovualating, but I don’t have any elasticity in mine. Does that mean I can’t get pregnant?


  • can you still get pregnant even if you have a vaginal discharge
  • is your vagina dry when you are pregnant?
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6 Responses to if you have vaginal dryness can you still become pregnant?

  1. Due July 30th #2 says:

    As long as your ovulating you have a chance of getting pregnant.
    Vaginal fluids doesn’t determin wethere or not you can get pregnant.

  2. LRW says:

    I never got cervical mucus either, not due to a condition though. I starting taking mucenex, it helps in that department. I got pregnant on the second month of taking it.

  3. ms holli says:

    I was pretty dry when trying for my second, I had read that lubricants can hinder your chances, we just did more foreplay and he would use a little water, just enough to make it easier, I wouldn’t worry, I conceived after 4 mths of trying, there is also pre~seed which is a lubricant that doesn’t effect your chances. best wishes

  4. Zippybubble27 says:

    I think the only prob would be if you used lube cause that can make it harder for the sperm to get to the egg. Should prob talk to you doc about as long as there is an egg there & the sperm can get to them you will get preg.

  5. Kathryn P says:

    You could consider several things:

    How long have you been checking your CM? Your CM pattern changes througout your cycle and you may just be in a non-fertile time right now. Continue checking a few times a day. The best time is right after a bowel movement as the muscles in your vagina contract. Also, try collecting CM directly from your cervix. Insert two very clean fingers into your vagina and "pinch" some from your cervix. The CM that comes out isn’t nearly as important as that in which is near your cervix. Also, cervical positioning can help you detect impending ovulation. You can look that up yourself. After time, you’ll get the hang of it.

    Are you using another method to check for fertility? There are many methods you can use beyond checking your CM: ovulation microscope, ovulation predictor kits, charting your temperature, etc. Any, all and any combination of these are pretty reliable in tracking your fertility status.

    If you truly have vaginal dryness, there is a product you can purchase: PreSeed. It’s a sperm-friendly vaginal lubricant that resembles the fertile cervical fluid you produce naturally. I’ve never seen it at a "brick and mortar" store, but it is available online. I seem to recall the price, before shipping, was pretty comparable to other personal lubricants.

    I wish you the best of luck!

  6. whinie_p says:

    You can still get pregnant. As long as you ovulate, you can get pregnant.

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