If your taking birth control, will that make my vagina more dry?


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My girl has been on birth control for a while now and now when we have sex, it’s harder because she be so dry. However, when I’m inside of her it’s wet, do I just need to use kay y jelly or is the birth control making her less firtle? I want to and she wants to have kids one day


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7 Responses to If your taking birth control, will that make my vagina more dry?

  1. Jessybaby says:


    When I first went on the pill I found it much harder to have sex bcz I was dry….I was still turned on by my boyfriend but the changes in hormones means that some girls don’t get as wet for a while. This carried on for about 3 months so we just used loads of KY Jelly and it cleared itself up as my body adjusted to taking the pill so don’t worry about it.

    As for being infertile I think that is very very unlikely, its just a change in the hormones and chemicals in your girlfriend..if you’re still worried just pop in and speak to a pharmacist or GP. xx

  2. kagura says:

    no, it gets wet with sex of thoughts of sex like I’ve heard guys vagionals get hard sex was intended for having babies, it being wet helps the guy’s…thing slip in, releasing sperm inside of her, other thank her period girls are supose to be dry, she will be just fine.

  3. Angelbunny17 says:

    Hi. That’s weird, i had the opposite problem when i was on the pill. Never heard of that happening, but when you’re dealing with hormones, anything is possible. She should consult her doctor to find out if that is causing it. She can always try a different pill if she doesn’t like the effects that one is having on her. Good luck :-)

  4. katie says:

    Birth control is a hormone and can cause many sexual changes in her.
    Also birth control now can make it harder for her to conceive a child later on in life.

  5. kayla k says:

    i have found that the new birth control called the nuva ring is so much better pluse you only have to insert a new one once a month

  6. MediSin says:

    Birth control messes with your hormones, and hormones control vaginal wetness, so yeah, some kinds of the pill can cause dryness. Also, dryness can be caused by stress, diabetes, poor diet, dehydration, illness, loads of things.

    Maybe your GF could try another type of pill, as they all have different effects. But I would suggest firstly making more effort at foreplay to see if that makes a difference (doing oral sex on a woman usually does the trick) or using lube. KY jelly is n ot the most pleasant lube, so try something like Sylk or Durex Play (from chemists/ supermarkets/ online). They all have a much nicer texture, so you can use it to enhance the experience better. Lots of women don’t get wet naturally, that’s why the lube industry is so successful.

    Dryness is not an indicator of fertility. Any form of hormonal contraception will take a while to wear off after you decide to try for a baby, but in the long run it doesn’t usually make women less fertile. It just takes longer to conceive as you have to wait for your hormones to go back to normal. Try not to worry, and have fun choosing some nice lube!

  7. Tara662 says:

    Yes, it’s possible.

    Use Astroglide. It’s better.

    The birth control will not harm her having kids one day. Women who go off of the pill can and do become pregnant.

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