Irritated, burning, sore, inflamed, dry vagina?


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Recently (for a few days) my vagina has been feeling really itchy, sore and irritated then today when i went to the bathroom it was really inflamed and dry feeling (even after peeing it felt dry). It has a really strong burning feeling and it is so sore and itchy it’s very uncomfortable. i don’t know what it could be?
I’ve tried cystitis treatement which ends today
Vagisil which i am still using but it seems to just be making the burning feeling worse.
[i started using the vagissil and cystitis treatments yesterday! The cystitis is a 2 day treatment and the vagisil is a 7 day treatment].
The vagisil seems to have made my vagina inflammed and have more of a burning effect.
It burnt when i went pee today too!
I have little tiny white almost spots around the inside lips of my vagina but they have been there for over a year or so, so i know that the burning and irritation isn’t caused by them but i am so confused and really need some answers.
I’m in so much discomfort it’s unreal, i feel embarrased about going to my doctor about it because im only 16 and don’t want to show the doctor my vagina :/
please help me if you can!
Thank you


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One Response to Irritated, burning, sore, inflamed, dry vagina?

  1. Dresden Rose says:

    You should see a doctor for a pelvic exam. That’s the only way to get a diagnosis of the problem and proper treatment for it.

    He’ll give you a pelvic exam of the vagina and take a Pap smear. It’s not scary or painful.

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