Is it ok to use baby oil as a vagina lubricant?


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13 Responses to Is it ok to use baby oil as a vagina lubricant?

  1. eumeka h says:

    no it’s not ok but water soluble lubrication

  2. Robert N says:

    no it wasn’t made for that ky jelly is tho

  3. Dani C says:

    no no no no no… spent the little extra money and get something made for that…like the old faithful KY

  4. Jeniffer says:

    Its not ok it will cause an infection.

  5. schnees7 says:

    no you want to use a water based lube to help prevent infections and other health problems.

  6. edinburgh22001 says:

    No! Oil rots condoms causing them to break. Also this can cause dryness and aggrivation during and after sex. Try a water based lubricant that will be kind to your body and feel even better!

  7. robin w says:

    NO. It is not safe to use with condoms and can cause a yeast infection or a bladder infection. Stick to a water based lube to be safe.

  8. ei8ht29 says:

    ofcourse if you want wart and pimples to grow down there

  9. classybitch_2000 says:

    NO! Better to get something that is water soluble. It will easily wash off and prevent infections!!

  10. Hillary says:


  11. Addie says:

    NO it produces an infection after using it for a long time!!!

  12. R R says:

    ever heard of KY personal lubricant

  13. superrrmodel says:

    Absolutely not. That is one of the worst things to use and it will break down the latex if you are using a condom. You should get KY at the very least.

    You need to keep the PH balance stable to have a healthy vagina.

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