Is it supposed to hurt to get soap in your vagina cause i masturbated with it as lubricant and it stung?


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I squeezed like alot of liquid soap into my vagina to use as lubricant and it started to sting really bad still does alittle bit i wsnt sure if thats normal because i have never done that before or got that much soap up there


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6 Responses to Is it supposed to hurt to get soap in your vagina cause i masturbated with it as lubricant and it stung?

  1. trinigyal says:

    Are you crazy try petroleum jelly you can hurt yourself doing that shit you are nut nobody could be that horny to use liquid soap

  2. dont hate me cause you aint me says:

    eww dont masturbate

  3. nyghte says:

    *do not* do that. yes, it’s completely normal that it stung. it can be *very* irritating and could cause infection. if you need more lubrication try a water based lube, like KY.

  4. skin.tissue says:

    …yes, oh my god. Don’t put things in there if you don’t know how your body is going to react, the vagina is one of the most sensitive parts of the body and soap is not made to be lubricant. Man people are stupid.

  5. carl junior says:

    way too harsh, try ky

  6. Iraina C says:

    yes, soap will cause it to burn, and it can also give you BV and yeast infections, so don’t do it again.

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