Is vaginal dryness a sign of pregnancy?


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My period is late by 6 days and I don’t find any symptoms of it coming. I had my last period on Jan 28 and its usually irregular. My vagina is sooooooo dry. What does it imply? Will i get my periods in a few days or is this a sign of pregnancy. I do get hungry every 2 hours and I have gas problem and nausea. Tomorrow morning, I’m going to do a preg. test at home. Just wanted to check this as I’m already keeping my finger’s crossed.


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4 Responses to Is vaginal dryness a sign of pregnancy?

  1. ♥Sugar Bear♥ 35 weeks with a boy says:

    I had the opposite of dryness when I got pregnant lol. I did have dryness when I had a hormonal imbalance that stopped me from ovulating which in turn stopped my period.

  2. shollia says:

    It’s really different for everyone woman.

    In your case though… how do you know you’re late if you have irregular cycles?
    It’s time to see a doctor if you want an honest answer.
    Don’t waste time trying to self medicate/diagnose yourself if you’re suffering from irregular cycles. Go in and get some bloodwork done. Get and ultrasound, get whatever tests your doctor will do to find out what is going on and why you’re irregular. It could be something that is easily treatable.

    Good luck tomorrow with the HPT though. I hope it’s a BFP for ya!

  3. Nate says:

    no but it sounds as though the act of conceiving would be rather unpleasant at this point.

  4. Sexy time! says:

    No it just means you masturbate to much. =D

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