Is vaginal dryness an early symptom of pregnancy?


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I am due for my period today, and yesterday, and today I wasnt able to have sex, because I was so dryed out. I also have a couple of other symptoms, but I know that this may be attributed to Pre-Menstrual…


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6 Responses to Is vaginal dryness an early symptom of pregnancy?

  1. Mrs J says:

    sorry, but I have never heard of vaginal dryness being a symptom of pregancy. I’ve heard it as a symptom of menopause but you’re too young for that. Get some over the counter gel (like KY jelley) and see a physician for it.

  2. R360 says:

    Not normally. If you’re pregnant you normally have increased vaginal discharge which would make you wetter.

  3. utu-utu says:

    It is not an early symptom of pregnancy, The early symptom includes morning sickness,nausea, rise of body temperature,and of course amenorrhea -missed period. Vaginal dryness could be attributed to pregnancy,but not early.It can also due to pre- ovulation stage or post- ovulation stage.

  4. Nicki says:

    it actually sounds like a bacterial infection

  5. Babyface says:

    it may be bacterial infection.. do you do foreplay before you "do" it? try oral first.. convince him to kiss you down there.. if you didn’t get wet by that, then maybe you should see your doctor..

  6. Don says:

    This same question was asked a few days back.

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