Itchy, dry, peeling skin around vagina?


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It’s lasted for around four-five years, a bit before I started puberty…the skin is pink, and extremely itchy, and pieces of skin peel off. I told my Mom, she told me it was because I was growing hair there, which was pretty ridiculous: The area hasn’t grown hair at all, it seems like it’s missing a layer of skin. No discharge. I am 15. One time, I tried treating with Aloe and not scratching…the skin started to grow back, then peeled off later. Another time, with Vagisil, which burned, so I took it off.
It’s pretty painful and ridiculous, and I’m really embarrassed about it because it’s really gross, and Mom doesn’t seem to care…what do I do?
It really hurts, it looks ridiculous, and it makes me want to cry…I don’t know what it do, I don’t think it’ll ever go away
My Mom doesn’t like doctors.


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9 Responses to Itchy, dry, peeling skin around vagina?

  1. darkangle says:

    go to the doctor. pharmacist? dont try to use any medication w/out the advise from the expert. allergies? just go to the doctor. tell ur mom, u wanna see a doctor.

  2. Desirae says:

    Well you could possibly be allergic to the type of underware you wear, (like cloth, or cotton, whatever kind you use) You could try changing that.
    And if it doesn’t get better then you can ask your doctor about it.
    Good Luck:)

  3. Alco Puperuno says:

    i am so sorry that you think yor mum doesnt care, theres nothing worse. i would acctually just say u feel sick and want to go to the doctors and once u get there tell the doctor about your prblem, ???

  4. Monica says:

    This happened to me not even 2 months ago. Leave it alone. Mine was caused by my panties being to tight. I lost weight it when away in no time.

  5. tod m says:

    fungus? don’t wash clothes with the bathroom rug.

  6. april says:

    I have a dark red rash looking skin around my vagina. It burns, and itches, it feels like Im being bit by fire ants. I have no discharge, or painful urination. It started the 1st day I was on my period, when I woke up that morning. I tried vagisil, it just made the pain worse, I tried hydrocortizone cream but it felt like I rubbed IcyHot on it. It was just on my skin around my vagina at first, now, its spread to the lips, and its made my vagina sensitive to wiping. I have had yeast infections before, but nothing like this. It hurts to walk, or sit, what do I do?

  7. Leah says:

    Same here I’m 15 and the skin around my vagina itches so badly and skin peels off I scratch it to a point when it gets really red and it smells when the skin peels off and when it’s dry it’s been like this for months and it looks discusting

  8. ebony says:

    I’m 15 to my vigina itches and the skin starts pealing and leavin white spots its so nasty and I’m so sceard to scratch it any more

  9. sandy says:

    ooh ooh jst went to the doctor for a referal to the gynae. the skin peeled off even near the rectum, the colour is now turned to be pink and im so scared it will spread all over my entire body since i have developed small white spots on my thighs. please advice or help to cure or stop this ongoing trauma. its now more than 3 yrs.

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