Itchy, dry vagina lips?


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I’m 18 and my vagina lips have been starting to get itchy, and dry. It is almost always irritating me. My discharge isn’t funky, smells and looks fine :3 The area has been a little raw(…T_T scratching too much…). I am sexually active, but only with my long term boyfriend neither of us have stds. We don’t have sex all the time either it’s like a once in a while thing so I doubt that could be the cause of it. The area isn’t swollen, or hasn’t got marks, but it is slightly shriveled looking. When I say slight it’s slight, it’s because of the dryness. Is there anything that I can put on that area to help that? What could it be? Any natural remedies I can use…?

Also: I’ve recently taken up bike-riding a little bit…could that contribute? o_o …I’ve also been taking a new facial medication (first time taking medication for my face) Minocycline. I mean I really doubt that would be the problem, but you never know!


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8 Responses to Itchy, dry vagina lips?

  1. Jack B says:

    Could be Thrush, a fungal infection. Canestan cream is good for it. Even if it is not Thrush the cream will help with the dryness.

  2. crazy nurse says:

    try occasional application of KY jelly. Dryness is common amongst
    some women. My wife frequently uses and always uses before
    intercourse. Sometimes its a hormonal thing.

  3. Ricardo says:

    the lips sometimes become dry because of certain skin conditions or hormonal that a woman may have, or else they may become dry if her skin is very sensitive to laundry soaps, bath soaps or other products she may be using on her genitals. Still, other women may find that their labia rub up against each other when they walk, and that may cause chafing or discomfort.

    Consider checking in with a healthcare provider who can take a look at your genitals and give you some feedback about what may be causing your feelings of genital dryness and discomfort.

  4. Karen says:

    Applying KY Jelly will helo to sooth, but I wold say that you should go for a STD test. You cannot beleive even on yourself self that you are not infected with any kind of STD.

    Exposure to blood, animal fluids or even eating meat of an infected animal can get you into the trouble. So I suggest you to get tested as soon as possible.

    There are many sites that are providing online Diagnostic Testing Facilities. One reliable source is

  5. Michael Jackson LOVER! (: says:

    go to your local pharmacy
    and ask for a cream for dry skin.
    and buy the one she tells you.
    and stop scratching! it makes it more irritating and worse
    instead of scratching try rubbing to less irritate it.

  6. ASHLEY says:

    …dryness of the labia sometimes occurs because the tissues do not have natural oil glands in them as most of the other skin of the body has…

    …also dry humidity and cold weather can affect the tissues to dry or chap them and harsh soap with hard scrubbing might do it…i’m assuming the bike riding is also affecting your lip dryness too…

    …if you have dry dead skin it should be removed before you treat the lips for dryness…

    …to remove the dead skin cells a natural way, use one half unsalted butter(virgin coconut oil is better) with one half petroleum jelly & liberally smear it over the dry skin overnight…massage this area gently…use a light-days pad if you wish to create an oil-based cover over the area…remove this oil base in the morning with mild soap & pat dry…

    …then apply one drop of olive oil & one drop of flax seed oil to the clean dry tissue…this is an excellent nourishing moisturizer of fatty acids for dry lips…you can prepare a small mixture of these oils and store them in a small container…use them throughout the day to keep your lips moisturized…

    …use this mixture before you bike ride & after too…

  7. hooyutoo2 says:

    You mentioned several possibilities: 1. Anytime you take an anti-biotic there is a chance up upsetting the balance between beneficial bacteria and fungus (yeast) on your vulva, therefore you could have a slight yeast imbalance and subsequential skin tenderness. 2. Riding bike can provide a rubbing that could irritate you if you are using on of those tiny seats that has the front portion that protrudes and is hard/rubs against you. If you are referring to the labia majora that are dry, treat that skin like forearm skin (whatever lotion that you’d use on your inner forearm skin). If you are referring to the part of the labia minora that protrudes/shows beyond the labia majora then you’d use a lip balm ointment for chapped (mouth) lips – NOT Blistex (contains camphor and would burn/sting). Just keep in mind to never use an anti-biotic ointment (like Neosporin or Polysporin ) beyond the "dry" skin of the labia majora – in other words never use it on the normally moist surfaces (labia minora or in the vagina) unless you are specifically told to do so by your doctor (and I can’t imagine why that would ever happen because there are more specific meds for that). In recap, you have probably ascertained your answer in that combine the tenderness of a slight bacteria/yeast balance with the irritation of bicycling = your current malady. There is one more solution that I can think of – there is a bicycle seat that is specifically constructed for men (to prevent problems with scrotum/testicle squash) that has a hole/indentation that may give you relief…. actually might be better for ANYONE over those nasty, tiny, hard seats on "racing" bikes.

  8. Latasha says:

    Check to see if it’s a yeast infection

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