Itchy red vagina,dry lips and white discharge….?


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Ive been having this problem for a couple of days now.. My Vagina its very itchy and it can get red sometimes, aswell i noticed that im having a white discharge… it’s also very dry my lips feel really dry witch hurts sometimes, do you guy’s have any idea what this could be ? I would reallly like to know
Also last month i missed my period.. im late by going on 4 weeks now
I also bought some cream called ‘vagsil’ and i put it on at first it was helping now it just seems to burn when i put it on maybe because the skin is so raw or im to dry im not sure


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4 Responses to Itchy red vagina,dry lips and white discharge….?

  1. oldmama says:

    First, take a pregnancy test. EPT or clear blue are the best. It sounds like you may have a yeast infection….after u r sure you are not pregnant…get monistat at the store over the counter. Use as directed…if it doesn’t get better….se your dr. Take care :)

  2. sweetsutff29 says:

    Before you panic and let your mind go crazy why not just make an appointment to see your dr and get all checked out….she /he will check out your vagina and see whats going on….its better to find out and deal with it then to let it go and the symtoms may get worse….think positive.

  3. Dark Schneider says:

    dear worried:

    If your condition is persisting for days, you should seek the professional help of a MD or gynecologist asap. With care for examination and correct diagnostic techniques and treatment, you will be symptom-free within few days.

    Best wishes

  4. charlie says:

    what about if we dont want to see a doctor i dont like things like that, i need an answer aswell its horrible it dont smell bad, it comes out a red colour n sometimes white, hes VERY SORE AND ITCHY AND DRY HELP!!!! no doctor advise proper advise please

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