Itchy Vagina and Dry skin? Plus pee burns?


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My friend told me her vagina is itchy, kinda on the outside. And she said dead/dry skin is there too. She also mentioned that her pee burns.
I kinda tried to help her but I don’t really know. What does itchy vagina+dry skin+burning pee add up too?
If you need more details let me know and I’ll ask her, She told me she was really worried so as soon as possible would be nice!
It also stops Itching and burning during her period. Just during the month it itches.
Oh also she’s only 14 and she’s never had sex or anything so how could she have gotten it?
Also does she need to see a doctor or can she just do some home remedy?

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5 Responses to Itchy Vagina and Dry skin? Plus pee burns?

  1. mina Zamora says:

    The itchy can be cause by a couple of factors. One Is that she has bacteria building up from not grooming properly dwn there. Tell her to trim her pubic area and see if that helps.the bacteria can also be causing her to get a UTI constantly this causes burning when you pee. She can fix this by going to a local drug store and getting urinery pain pills.azo works wonders in mins. Another thing she can do is drink a lot of fluids and avoide sugary drinks this makes things worse.also avoid layingin the bath tub the bacteria dwn there is not fun to mess with. Another reason for dry skin is that she int getting proper ventilation dwn there or pants are to tight.good luck hun hope this helped

  2. Kelly C says:

    I would suggest that your friend should go and see her Doctor, as she might have a bladder infection or yeast infection.

  3. carriendewayne says:

    she could have a urinary track infection if it burns to pee, and too she could have a yeast infection. sounds as if she may want to talk with a doctor.

  4. Megan! says:

    more than likely a yeast infection, go see the GYNO or buy the Vagisil screening kit to determine if it is a yeast infection or worse. i’ve had these same symptoms before and it was just a yeast infection.

  5. Monkey D. Luffy says:

    How long has this been going on? If it’s been more than a few weeks I’m fairly positive it’s an STD/STI

    However I’m no doctor, so I’m not gonna attempt to specifically diagnose it. So she should see her doctor!

    If she can’t afford a visit, there are thousands of free clinics in the country to check for STDs, and most likely quite a few in your area. So yeah, do that!

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