(Kind of personal) My vagina is sore/dry/itchy before/during my period?


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I posted a question similar to this a couple hours ago, but I’d like to go to one specific topic.
I’m on vacation at my aunt’s house, I’m 14, & I’m with my mom. I’ve just been taking it easy and watching TV today because I have a sore throat, and my period.
Recently, I would say about a week ago is when it started, my vagina started feeling sore and itchy, kind of dry, like the dry part is hard to describe, just not smooth? I guess, idk. Anyways, I’m on my period, and usually around the time of my period (a day before) I would get a brownish, like the color of a light chocolate ice cream, discharge. It doesn’t really smell or anything, but it’s weird. And I usually have like really wet, clear discharge, but it’s been cream colored and thick for the past week.
It’s just really irritating & it doesn’t bother me that much except when I go to pee I can feel it (weird? idk). I had to look in the mirror (weird, I know) to try to see anything and like my period started (I think) but like something in my vagina (but near the entrance) (i know reeeeally personal) like something is kind of reddish but idk if it’s normal or not. Is this just because of my period or what? Thanks so much!


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4 Responses to (Kind of personal) My vagina is sore/dry/itchy before/during my period?

  1. acỉdRẬIN says:

    thx 4 sharing!

  2. Greg says:

    Clean with tap water.

  3. Star says:

    see a physician

  4. xxrheginexx says:

    you have vaginitis. it is due to improper hygiene. use feminine wash all the time and after peeing, wash it. don’t use soap because it is acidic and it would irritate your vagina.

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