LADIES:::: Dry Vagina after period – Help.?


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I wear tampons and after my period is all done with my vagina is very dry and itchy.
Does anyone know why this happens???


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10 Responses to LADIES:::: Dry Vagina after period – Help.?

  1. Jessica F says:

    i would go to a doctor!

  2. rucker_denise says:

    i think the tampon limits the amount of natural moisture that drops, why not try a panty shield that last couple of days and drink lots of water, you may be getting dehydrated during your period.

  3. carlos_loozer says:

    isnt your vagina supposed to be dry all the time?

  4. Chocoholic4life says:

    Does this happen only after your period? Or is it a continuous thing? You may have thrush.

  5. newyorkgal71 says:

    Ask your gynecologist.

  6. annagrace_lewis says:

    Im not exactly sure…but could it be that you are using a tampon that is too absorbent? For example … using a "super" tampon during a light period causes discomfort and drying.
    But you should definately bring it up with your gyn

  7. Reva P says:

    Alternate between tampons and pads. You should always do that anyway, to avoid toxic shock syndrome, which can be very quickly fatal. And use just pads towards the end of your period.

    Tampons will suck up any moisture from any source.

  8. Babs says:

    This is not an uncommon problem. On the last few days of your period, are you still wearing the heavy tampons (you know, the one’s that will suck up anything within 3 feet of them?). When you go to change your tampon on the last day or so, does it hurt to pull it out? If it does, you need to start wearing a pad (as gross as that is, I know) on the last day. Also, if you are still dry and itchy there, you might try some clear lubricant, which is not always made for sexual escapades. Women get dry oftentimes to the point that it becomes uncomfortable and we need to moistened ourselves on occasions.

  9. Jamie D says:

    try using babywipes, vagisil wipes, or always clean wipes. i think this is cuz of the tampon absorbing too much.
    its probably normal cuz it happens to me

  10. cave w says:

    Just my thoughts on this one ….theres many things it could be but lets not say the engine is broke before checking the oil. hehe….Ok first….do the tanpons you use have a perfume on them? this could be why you would itch and become dry. even perfumed toilet paper can make it worse. And last if you know how many days you will be on your period the last two days use a pad instead. ( no perfume on it though) Hope this helps.

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