My Vagina has been very dry, what can i do?


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My vagina has been very dryed, what can i eat or do to get it to be wet for life?


  • my vagina is dry what can i do
  • my vagina very dry what can i do
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9 Responses to My Vagina has been very dry, what can i do?

  1. Stephanie says:

    Take a shower.

  2. lilragdol13 says:

    Go to a doctor and they should be able to help!

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  3. smallfries says:

    watch porn

  4. falphil says:

    Hormone replacement therapy.

  5. RdRedWine says:

    DRINK MORE WATER. You should be drinking 6-8 cups of day. Also know that medications and caffeine can dehydrate you.

  6. Doc. Star says:

    Usually, a good water-based lubricant can be used to lubricate the vagina during sexual encounters…

    If you want long-term effect, maybe you could try drinking it.

  7. GrrrlFatale says:

    you should go see ur doctor…are u on birth control?…if u are then it might be that. birth controls have alot of weird side effects but go talk to ur doctor

  8. suzieq385 says:

    I have the same problem, but it usually only occurs when I am halfway through intercourse…you should try using a lubricant during intercourse and for daily comfort, you could try using a little vasoline, although it will be messy, so you should probably wear a pantyliner as well…your body will produce a natural lubricant, but it sounds like yours may have a problem doing so, so my best suggestion would be to go to your ob/gyn and see if they can prescribe you some kind of medication that will help…you could probably even go to the drug store and talk to a pharamcist about some kind of over the counter treatment, although that might be a little embarrassing…i hear that if you try eating soybeans that that will help as well…i found that on this website:
    good luck and hopefully you start feeling better! =)

  9. Leigh J says:

    Do you smoke? That definitely can decrease moisture throughout the body. Drinking water can help, many of us don’t drink nearly enough in a day. Consulting your doctor may help, but I disagree that adding a medication orally will help. I would browse the family planning section at your drugstore and see if FDS personal lubricant or any of the KY products would work for you. Calling your ob/gyn’s office with the question would eliminate asking someone in person, and usually they have a female nurse you can talk to with questions like that. Who knows, maybe the nurse has experienced the same thing!

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