My vagina is very dry and itchy, what can I do?


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It’s going on the 3rd day this has been happening and it’s very uncomfortable. Would it be okay to put lotion on the inside of your vagina? If not, what could I do to stop the dryness and the itch? I’m assuming that because it’s dry that’s what’s causing it to itch. If it continues and nothing helps, should I go to the doctor?


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6 Responses to My vagina is very dry and itchy, what can I do?

  1. Max says:

    get a guy to ejaculate in you that kind of cream is priceless

  2. :D says:

    doctor- not normal and deffinetley dont put lotion down there that will only irritate u more

  3. Katelyn says:

    what you have is a yeast infection. go to your doctor, tell him/her your symptoms and they will give you 1 pill to should go away after that

  4. Raisin - says:

    dont put any scented creams or lotions on your vagina, because it can irritate the area.

    i would recommended buying some lube and rubbing some on a couple of times each day – it will replace what you are naturallly missing.

    if it still does not stop, it may be a yeast infection – go to your doctor.

    hope this helps

  5. Jon says:

    scratch it with a cheese grater

  6. Larkin L says:

    No don’t put lotion. Lotion changes the pH of your body in that area and can actually make it worse. You could have a topical yeast infection (skin only, no discharge) and should see a doctor.

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