My vagina lip is itchy and the skin is white & dry and peeling?


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my left vagina lip has been itching, but slowly going away, but the skin is dry and white, and if i itch it, the dead skin falls off? irritation? infection?
anything helps <3


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4 Responses to My vagina lip is itchy and the skin is white & dry and peeling?

  1. Victoria says:

    Odd that just the left lip is itching. Could be a number of things. If its just the outside that is itching you could be dehydrated or getting a yeast infection. Make sure no bumbs arise as this could be herpes. Herpes is very itchy before an outbreak. Moisturize your vaginal lips, but not the inside, with a lotion that doesnt contain perfumes. Lips can become very dry and flaky especially if you shave. It sounds like it could be something minor like an insect bite or you could need more water. Drink lots of water as dehydration can cause an itchy cooch!! lol I wouldnt worry about a yeast infection. You will know if you have one of those cuz you will want to constantly get tissue to scratch at the inside and outside. If the itch remains only on the outside I would rule out it being a yeast infection. Also if you shave and your hair is growing back in that can cause itching as well. Humidity can cause it to itch, especially if you are on your period. The mix of the hotness and wearing pads can cause itching. Doesnt sound like anything serious so just relax and stay hydrated. God Bless!

  2. 14Girl says:

    I have that too! But on both vagina lips. It hurts so much. When I stretch it hurts like a cut on your literal lip. Flakes of dead skin falls off. I’m only 14 and never been sexually active! Please help!

  3. hadbeenthere says:


    I had experience severe itching on my vagina, not on the lips but just above (near the clitoris) where the hair grows. I’ve dealt with it for almost 3yrs. the dry part is scaly and flaky but it was just a size of a lentil so i did not put much attention though it itch like hell until it became big, the dryness went on the half of left labia. i cant sleep anymore, i tried all the OTC brands and several home remedies but it didn’t help.. last month i went on my doctor, she prescribed me an anti-fungus ointment to be use for 10days.. i felt the result as early as two days.. it works.. and now im itch free down there..

    don’t be afraid and ashamed, ask for help. don’t wait too long…

    best of luck

  4. Maria fox says:

    i my vingna itching and i got white dry bit around it and it were i itch

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