Need advice i have a dry itchy swollen vagina?


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okay now I have had only one partner in my life. We both are each others "firsts" and we have never cheated on one another. Now we had sex a little rougher than usual and later that day my labia area got swollen and itchy then painful. Its been this way for 2 weeks. But has been getting better. The only problem i feel now is the swollen feeling. I mean everytime i wipe my self after urinating it hurts. Not urinating but wiping myself is a little painful. And since its been about 2 weeks i thought maybe i can try having sex again. But it hurts around the opening of my vagina when he penetrates. Can any woman please tell me whats going on? Is this just a yeast infection? it cannot be an std. Serious answers only please

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6 Responses to Need advice i have a dry itchy swollen vagina?

  1. HUF says:

    how old are you? Might depend on the age.

  2. Kayla says:

    It might be an std.
    You might wanna get tested.
    Thats the safest thing.

  3. whatev says:

    Well there it could be a couple of things. I’m going to be honest: if you have sex often that area can get agitated also it may be a reaction to the condom. The results are both terribly dry and uncomfortable.

  4. Nissee says:

    I would definitly get tested…a person is never sure that the other partner is having sex for the first time. Or you can check out this website for more information.

  5. jessica o says:

    I had these problems also i’m 22 and i started to have sex about 9 months ago, when we first started everything we good but after a few months when we have sex my vagina started to swollen up and i thought maybe it was from he going in without me when very wet or it was an std…but i was scared to get tested so i let me get tested and everything was negative but he was my first…so i know for sure what you experiencing its an std…so i went to the doctor and explain the symptoms i was having and he said maybe i should try using lube or condoms with extra lubrication…and a shower after every intercourse but me and my boyfriend use to have sex 3 times overnight and after he *** i use to just lay there with cleaning right away then when we do it again it was just spreading bacterial…..hope this info is helpful

  6. Alisa says:

    IM 90% sure that its an yeast infection. Some are more serious & more painful than others & some are so mild that you can barely have any symptoms. Try an over the counter 3 day medication ( i.e monistat) Symptoms should clear up right away and you shouldn’t feel any more pain! However if it doesn’t go away, I would definitely recommend going to the doctor to be 100% sure.

    P.S Guys sometimes also carry yeast infections so meanwhile completing your treatment make sure that you stay away from any sexual activity. Im not aware of any specific creams that your guy can use in case he does have it but he might want to go to the doctor too because if your infection cleared up and his hasn’t, you will just keep passing it to each other back and forth. Hope this helps!

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