Pregnant and a very dry vagina!!?


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I am now 32.5 weeks along, and now am having issues with "down there" and it being VERY dry! I already know what it isn’t, and its not an infection or anything from STDs (trust me, my hubby’s been gone for a month (deployed) and it just started this week). Its driving me nuts!!! Should I keep using the KY vaginal moisture that I got or should I see the dr? Its not bothering me as much as it was, and isn’t as dry. I don’t use soap down there anyways, so that’s not an issue. Just looking for a lil advice or answers. Thanks!

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2 Responses to Pregnant and a very dry vagina!!?

  1. lysistrata411 says:

    During pregnancy you go through all types of hormonal changes. You will be overly wet down there sometimes and sometimes really dry like you are saying. We had to use KY, too, during my first pregnancy. It definitely helps out. There’s nothing wrong with you. :)

  2. midnightblues says:

    this is really normal due to hormone changes, i had same problem and now my baby is 9mths and i am breastfeeding (which also causes dryness) so i am still having that problem. just keep using the ky.

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