Red patches/spots of dry skin around my vagina?


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So i have these red dry patches of skin where my pubic hair is. They are not like bumps because the skin is not elevated. They don’t itch, they are kinda just there. They are not inside my vagina, just kinda around the erea where my pubic hair is. Im freaking out, i have no idea what it is. Oh and i haven’t had any sexual activity. Help anybody?!


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3 Responses to Red patches/spots of dry skin around my vagina?

  1. Amy Boyd says:

    did you shave recently? :/ if so could be a shaving rash just..?

  2. James Jones says:

    a man’s semen can cause a reaction like this – did you let anyone blow it on your stomach or inner thigh ?

  3. laylee says:

    i have a cirular pink dry circle near my vagina , buht sorta near my butt ; idont knoe what it is but im scareddd : /

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