swollen and dry inner lips of vagina. Help!?


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I am 33 weeks into my first pregnancy. I haven’t had sex in two months, I have no stds, or any disease, or been diagnosed with anything. My inner lips of my vagina are swollen and dry to the point where it is uncomfortable to walk sometimes, or I find myself trying to adjust myself,lol.
Is there any information on this, has anyone gone through this, and is there a creme that I can use to take down the swelling?

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3 Responses to swollen and dry inner lips of vagina. Help!?

  1. Dar says:

    Try some Vagisil. It will help relieve the pain and will soothe the irritated area.

  2. playboy_bunny says:

    i dont kno about the swelling but 4 the soreness you can use vasiline i have never had kids but i think all women get sore and dry down there.

    hope this helps ginny

  3. ☼grundle goat☼ says:

    well for one, dont put vaseline down there. you are more prone to infection that way. KY has a personal lubricant, i’ve never tried it but i’ve heard it works really well. the swelling is most likely from the irritation of walking and the dryness. try a moisturizing lubricant made for women. good luck and congrats on the baby!

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