vaginal dryness, itchyness, and rash during pregnancy?


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okay i am 37 weeks pregnant and just a few days ago my vagina area has become itchy and dry and red, no discharge, just itchy and rashy and really dry, is this normal? my hubby thinks its just a sign for labor to begin soon or whatever but idk, is this normal during the last couple of weeks or should i get it checked out. if u need anymore info let me know bc idk what else to say here lol. thanks!
well ive had like 3 freakin yeast infections this pregnancy lolz & i know the signs and symtoms of it, i dont think its a yeast infection though. theres NO discharge or anything. ive been drinking plenty of water, earlier this week i was really dehydrated and the OBs at the office told me to drink water and it helped. uhm, but idk i really dont think its a yeast infection and BV also has the discharge and like i said no discharge at all, just urine thats it…im not really concerned much really i dont think im just wondering, OH and maybe its a sign for dry labor? idk i kinda want to get it checked out but i really dont want to be in a hospital for 12 hours, so, im thinking home remedies that ive done b4 to help, but idk, urgh i wish i was a doctor hahaha, this would be a lot easier lmfao

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3 Responses to vaginal dryness, itchyness, and rash during pregnancy?

  1. Brandi R says:

    it could be a yeast infection.I would call your doctor first time in the morning.and congrats!!!!

  2. ForeverHis says:

    I agree it could be a yeast infection, or maybe BV. You should really call your OB in the morning, because if that is what it is, you will want it clear it up before baby is born. Good luck, and congrats on your new one! (:

    EDIT: There doesnt always have to be discharge for either. I went in and told the doctor I was itching, and he did some tests, turns out it was just a normal yeast infection. Then after taking all the meds, he wanted to check again to make sure it was gone, and I ended up getting BV. The only symptom I had was the itching. Id go in just in case. If thats not what it is, then they can at least tell you whats going on. I hope its nothing to serious. Good luck! (:

  3. shadow_11 says:

    The best thing to do is call your OB and let him/her know. That’s what your OB is there for!! Give them a call in the morning!! ♥

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