Vaginal Dryness: What are ways to fix it (BESIDES LUBE!)?


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I’m 23 years old and I’m also on the Mirena IUD birth control. I’ve had this problem for a while now and it’s starting to become a total ISSUE! During stumulation I get a little wet (or not wet at all), but then I dry up instantly! I also have dry orgasims. And trust me, the guy is doing everything right! I’ve gone to my doctor and had a hormone and thyroid test, and everything checks out fine. Another possible reason could be my birth control. But the problem is, I have a heart defect and the IUD is the only birth control that’s safest to use. I know one solution is water based lube. But it’s embarassing to pack on lube everytime I’m having sex.Please tell me is there any other way to fix this issue?! Your answers are greatly appreciated!


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4 Responses to Vaginal Dryness: What are ways to fix it (BESIDES LUBE!)?

  1. Illusionist (illusionist) says:

    Ummm, spit?

    This might sound a little disturbing, but look into how to make a woman squirt. After you do, then try it out. That is, if you do at all.

    But you should be embarrassed by it. As long as your man doesn’t mind.

  2. 2 of cups says:

    The Mirena has put you in a state of menopause, where your vagina has stopped working right. Lube is the only answer I know of. Just go to the pharmacy and see what they have for sale and pick one.

  3. Juhi says:

    Drink to much of liquid. You will be fine.

  4. derfini says:

    There are several products you can use occasionally to keep your vagina moist. One that is available in the UK (sorry, don’t know where in the world you are) is called Replens® and is inserted with an applicator. Worth seeing if you can find it or similar in a pharmacy of supermarket (near the contraceptive section).

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