what does it means when your girlfriend pussy is dry?


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My girlfriend would like to know. After her last period, she hasn’t been getting very wet, if at all, during sex. Before her last period, she would get extremely wet. Her period stopped two weeks ago. Even during sex, it’s hardly wet. It’s always unprotected.


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One Response to what does it means when your girlfriend pussy is dry?

  1. laurenmaree says:

    ok. well i was going to say sometimes on the pill this happens alot, but as you said its unprotected.
    firstly… use a condom or something.
    2nd maybe shes not wet because she isnt turned on?! that can happen.
    if shes concerned,just get her checked out by her gp.
    make sure she tells her gp whats goin on and the gp should hav a good answer.
    but in the mean time, just use some lube. that always helps! =)

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