what happens to sperm in a vagina, does it just dry up or what ?


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  • what happens in the vagina once sperm goes in
  • what happens to sperm in vagina
  • what happens to the sperm after it goes inside a vagina
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6 Responses to what happens to sperm in a vagina, does it just dry up or what ?

  1. Jessica M says:

    Well, girls actually produce cervical mucus(what most girls call "normal discharge" to help sperm survive as long as possible. It can live in the vagina for 72 hours. Without CM it wouldn’t live 24 hours. If it doesn’t fertilize an egg, it just goes out with the rest our discharge.

    Read here.

  2. QueSeraSera says:

    They die after a few days.

  3. ♥Mrs. Condra♥ says:

    Swims up to start the creation of a child or could die

  4. calvin says:

    Sperm cells are loaded with lasercannons that blow each other up. Then one will make it to the end where it will stay for 8-9 months.


  5. mysterious says:

    it either goes to the egg or it dies, but the actual liquid does disapper inside the vagina.

  6. Christine says:

    Most of the ejaculatory fluid actually comes out (like some women wear a pad after sex so it doesn’t get their panties wet). For what stays, the sperm die after a couple of days if there is no egg to penetrate (ie- she doesn’t ovulate).

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