Whats the best lube for dry vagina.?


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When i have sex with my boyfriend it tends to hurt quite a bit. we do have a good amount of for play and i do enjoy sex. sometimes sex doesn’t hurt at all and sometimes it hurts to the point to where we have to stop. i think the issue im having is that im to dry. we have tried different type of lube, but all the ones we have tried irritate me and begin to sting immensely, to were we have to stop. it almost seems like dry skin when u put lemon juice on it and it stings. does anyone know of any certain type of lube for this kinda problem? we have tried water base, ky, aqua lube and a few others but all the same effect. i was just hoping there something out there for sensitive or dry vagina. any help is appreciated.


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7 Responses to Whats the best lube for dry vagina.?

  1. . says:

    If common lubricants do not seem to help, you should consult a physician. There may even be a greater underlying problem.

  2. Me says:

    try have him stmulting you orally b4 engagin in sex

  3. Jasmine says:

    If you’ve tried something hypo-allergenic and water-based and you’ve still had that problem, I’d talk to your doctor. You may have a mild latex or semen allergy.

  4. Ryan Minix says:

    spit on it

  5. Duke Wellington says:

    i personally prefer just spitting in there and going raw dog… bark bark

  6. emtlpn2b says:

    it sounds like you may have a pH imbalance. Your vaginal secretions are supposed to be slightly acidic. If lubricants are irritating, it may be due to their pH properties.

    Vaginal secretions in general are a reflection of what you eat and how balanced your hormone levels are. Many women will tell stories of knowing when their period is coming because of a change in their vaginal secretions, or a slight white discharge that appears before their period as an example.

    I suggest you call your OB/GYN. They can run tests to ensure your hormones are at the correct level. Please remember they are medical professionals, and there is nothing embarassing when talking to them. You’d be suprised how many women have similar problems.

  7. Jennifer says:

    My bf usually use saliva when we don’t have lube

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