When you are pregnant, does it cause your vagina to be more dry?


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7 Responses to When you are pregnant, does it cause your vagina to be more dry?

  1. The_Sage_Mother says:

    Not usually….most cases it causes you to have more discharge.

  2. J4aL says:

    no it should cause your vagina to become more moist actually…

  3. slimlzbn says:

    i heard that when you are pregnant your vagina stays wet and moist….

  4. Carilyn says:


  5. Tree hugger says:

    I think it affects everyone differently. Mine was more wet and alot of people I know have complained about a lot of discharge.

  6. thilak says:

    Normally Its not possible to have a dry vagina in pregnant ladies and it will be an opposite situation usually in 1st trimester that is 3months of pregnancy the increased Progesterone level stimulates the cervical glands and whitish vaginal discharge will make vagina moist..

    And there is no evidence of dryness during 35 weeks of pregnancy as well.

    How ever vaginal dryness is one of the pre-menopausal symptoms and if the woman is young enough it can be her individual problem. Some women have dryness of vagina and its normal for them its not related to pregnancy. these women should not wash vagina with soap frequently, should not use hot water to wash the area,should not wear tight dresses that may compress vagina and also avoid Nylon panties.

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