Why does women vagina get so dry that it hurts us when making love


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you have 2 bumps on your vagina that it looks like 2 blisters stuck together and it hurts when you are moving your legs around or are walking around. ? Could it be the 1st stages of hpv?

Any answers would be helpful. Thank you Every1!


  • when your vagina is dry and hurts
  • why my wifes vergina is so dry it hurts
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11 Responses to Why does women vagina get so dry that it hurts us when making love

  1. bighelp says:

    First, your vagina should not be dry during intercourse if you are into it. vaginal secretions should moisten the area well during sex or a lubricant can help if you dont produce enough secretions. I would go to a doctor to have the bumps looked at as it may be an STD or an infection.

  2. grande alacran says:

    On the first ? means your not having a orgasms , not sure about the second .

  3. gurlieak says:


    Tingling, itching, and pain in the genital area, followed by eruption of small clear blisters, (lesions). The blisters often appear in groups, or clusters. Some people only get one blister sometimes. These lesions rupture on about the 5th day to form wet ulcers that are terribly painful to touch, and can be associated with painful sex, painful urination, pain in the lymph nodes in the groin and terrible pain in area of the blisters.

    In women, blister can appear on the vulva, around or in the vagina, or anywhere in the genital area

    Check out the link and see if this fits the description.

  4. glowofacandle says:

    get some ky jelly it can help the dryness however you may have a problem with the gland that produces the fluids that makes your vagina wet… the blister need to be checked out!!! HPV can only be detected with a pap smear

  5. Chel says:

    i know that when i dont drink enough water during the day for awhile…like a week or couple weeks, i get dry too and for me, it doesnt matter if im into it or not (during sex) im still dry down there…so i would suggest keepin up on your water intake and using ky in the meantime….as for the bumps…yea…sounds like hpv. go to your doc before they dissapear or you’ll never know what it was….

  6. Foxalot says:

    ky jelly or astroglide can help with dryness and the blister needs to be checked out. HPV can only be detected with a pap smear

  7. ladybug says:

    you should speak to your gyne about both questions. The bumps may be herpes. You may not be aroused enough. Try some lubricant. Go to the Dr. before you engage in activity again.

  8. penny b says:

    there could be a number of reasons for this.it could be the type of underwear you wear or maybe even a pad that you use when your period is on .the best thing to do is visit your doctor so he can tell you what it is and what you can do about it

  9. peanut says:

    you shouldnt be dry. if you are use some lube of some sort. 2nd, i would go get a test done for herpes. sounds like that is the problem. good luck

  10. KATHY A W says:

    first of all you can get some kyjelly for you dryness and as far as the blisters goyou have herpies ,id bett some points on this one,i dont have any stds but i did have the papaloma virus famouslly known as vaginal WARTS,whitch in short is (HPV).im alittle confused about what you think you have,herpies blisters or warts (,HPV) YOU TYPED STANDS FOR WARTS NOT BLISTERS ,you stated you had blisters,so if you have a cluster of blisters you could have herpies,get to the DR. get a fix on what you got you could be spreading this to other people, and also cause you other problems later in life ,if you have HPV-you can get cervical cancer ,studys have shown that it is linked to the HPV- get a DR. to help you OK!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. alyssa g says:

    it has happened t me before and i went to the doctor and i got some cream and it went away

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